Saturday, September 10, 2011

What are you waiting for?

I'm currently reading Ana Forrest's new book, Fierce Medicine.  I'm getting a lot out of it, and I recommend it.  I'll likely write more on the book later, but I don't want to wait to share the following quote with you.  Forrest talks about a quote from the Buddha that I had not heard before. 

"The Buddha said, 'If you want to know what your future will be like, then look at your life right now.'"

At this particular point in my life, as I deal with significant and sometimes difficult transition, this quote resonates in a huge way.  It tells me that the difficult decisions I'm making are precisely the ones that need to be made, and it inspires me to continue down a path of change and transformation.  I'm not one to throw around those words hastily; it's a deeply serious and personal thing to address parts of your life that don't live up to what you want for your future.

Certainly this quote pertains to the major aspects of my life, but it also relates to the little things.  For instance, I have always assumed that someday, when I'm really a grown-up (though I've never quite known when that would magically happen), I will have my act together and wake up early enough each morning to start my day with yoga and meditation.  This quote drives home something I probably always knew: if I don't/can't/won't do it now, I won't do it then either.  It has inspired me to implement some things into my life now that need not wait, that should not wait.  I have a busy schedule, and I tend to think, "When things calm down, I will change my eating habits, how I spend my money, how I spend my time," etc.  Of course the list goes on and on.  This is not an effective way to grow and evolve.  Growth requires action, persistence, dedication.

And I suspect that the little changes will add up to big changes.  If you've ever practiced yoga consistently for a period of time, you likely know this to be true.  Your actions, persistence, and dedication add up to a life you feel good about.  And that's pretty amazing.  There are so many things we can't control, and yet there are so many things we can.  "If you want to know what your future will be like, then look at your life right now."


  1. This is very informative. Awesome. Bookmarked.

    Thanks - Matt

  2. Beautiful. I've taken a lot of steps recently to make sure my future (and present) will be what I want it to be. Thinking of you fondly! Alexis

  3. Thank you, Tiffany, for articulating so eloquently some of the very things I've had at the top of my brain. Tough to make such changes, even for the seemingly small ones - or are those the hardest of all?

  4. lovely, inspiring, want a little of what you have please:)