Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yoga Playlist, Colorado-style

In honor of 303 Day, I put together the following yoga playlist of some of my favorite local artists.  I play a lot of local music in my classes anyway, but choosing which artists and songs to include during a one-hour 303 Day class wasn't easy.  There are many terrific local artists not represented below.

I've included links to each artist's website as well as the info I could find regarding their next live show.  I'm sure I've gotten something wrong; please feel free to let me know if so.

If you're wondering where some of the usual suspects are, I chose to put some of our more widely known local artists on my pre-class playlist.

I've put together a playlist on Spotify of some of my favorite songs by Colorado artists, including the above songs (when I could find them on Spotify).  It's an ever-evolving list, as I'm always looking for bands to check out.  Click here for that playlist.  Also, you can listen to music on nearly every artist's webpage that I've linked to above.

Lastly, I must say a word about my beloved Railbenders.  I tried really hard to include them on my yoga playlist, but it just wasn't working for the yoga class.  My first priority has to be keeping my students in their yoga practice.  (I did include Angie Stevens' version of "Whiskey Rain," which is excellent, though much sadder-sounding than the original.)  Anyway, if you haven't seen these guys live, you should check them out.  They are a BLAST.  They are playing at the Soiled Dove on 3/31/12, and they're also on the line-up for the Denver Day of Rock.