Tiffany Hutchings, RYT

I’ve been practicing power/vinyasa-style yoga since 1999, and over the years my practice has taken various forms.  I started out taking yoga classes exclusively for the physical benefits, but at this point yoga has become a way of thinking and, in many ways, a lifestyle.  Yoga helps me keep perspective, makes me more open to other people and ideas, and helps me lead my life with intention.

In 2009, I completed CorePower Yoga’s teacher training program, followed by CorePower's Extensions mentorship program.  In fall 2012, I completed Warrior Academy Yoga's teacher training program.  I have been delighted to serve as a coach for CorePower's teacher training program and as a mentor for the Extensions program.

When guiding yoga classes, my goal is to create a space where students can own their practice and feel safe, confident, and challenged.  My own yoga practice helps me cultivate awareness and gratitude both on the mat and off, and I feel blessed to have even the smallest opportunity to help others do the same in their lives.